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Communion in the Wedding Ceremony

Communion is a holy time of worship when we come together as one body to remember and celebrate what Christ did for us. Communion is sometimes taken during a wedding ceremony.  In some instances, only the bride and groom are served Communion, while in others, the families, wedding party and guests may be offered the sacraments as well.

Other Names Associated with Communion:

* Holy Communion
* The Sacrament of Communion
* Bread and Wine (the Elements)
* The Body and Blood of Christ
* The Lord’s Supper
* The EucharistAs for participation in Communion (eating the bread and drinking the wine), the officiant will indicate who is allowed to partake of the elements – bread (pieces of bread or wafer) and wine (usually grape juice). This information is generally printed in the wedding program as well.

Communion may be served to guests in their pews, or people may have to walk up the aisle to get the elements. Just observe and follow the example of other guests who are familiar with the proceedings. Guests can certainly choose to decline from participating in this.

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